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Ken Moss spent years starting up teams within Microsoft before branching out and working on a "real" start-up. His work at Microsoft includes starting and leading the Bing (a.k.a. MSN Search, a.k.a. Live Search) technical team starting in 2003. Over his five years on the team, he had various roles including Director of Development and General Manager, and worked on all aspects of the service. Ken spent a total of 13 years working on services including: Search, MyMSN, MSN Money, distributed platforms, and many parts of MSN. Ken is either ignored, or given a hug for his work creating PivotTables in Excel. Ken’s passion for creating software that makes people's lives better has led him to become co-Founder of CrowdEye.

A graduate of Princeton University, Ken enjoys playing poker, bioinformatics, boating and cheering on his kids.

Becca Moss began her career at Microsoft working first on Excel, then later on Pen Windows and handwriting recognition software. The opportunity to become co-Founder of CrowdEye lured her back into the tech world, after taking a "break" to stay home and raise her kids. She’s excited to be back rediscovering her passion for programming and creating software.

A graduate of the University of Redlands, Becca enjoys playing and coaching basketball, raising her three kids, and going to work with her dog, Ripley.

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