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CrowdEye Fed by the Twitter Firehose
CrowdEye is now fed by the Twitter firehose which means that we now index 100% of the tweets in Twitter and serve your results in real-time. In addition, we now index 14 days of tweets allowing our users to look at results in the past by navigating through our interactive chart.
Sentiment Boost
CrowdEye has a powerful sentiment engine which allows you to boost the relevance of tweets with either positive or negative sentiment on any search term. By default, the sentiment in tweets is ignored in our relevance algorithms. To boost the relevance of tweets with positive or negative sentiment, simply select the corresponding option in the left-hand column.
Location Boost
CrowdEye has a powerful location engine which boosts the relevance of tweets that fall within a certain distance of a specified location. Although CrowdEye uses geo-tags on tweets in our relevance algorithms, we also use the Location field in a Twitter user’s profile which greatly increases the number of tweets identified with a location. By default, location of tweets is ignored in our relevance algorithms. To boost the relevance of tweets in a particular geography, simply select either a city from our drop-down list or drop a pin on the map and select a radius for your custom location.
CrowdEye Rank
Twitter is all about people. In order to help our users really understand what is happening in the Twitterverse, CrowdEye has developed a new and proprietary ranking for all people who use Twitter. It’s called CrowdEye Rank and it’s a measure of how influential a person is. We use some cool math to crunch a set of factors about a person and come up with a score. One is the lowest and is reserved for someone brand new to Twitter. One hundred is the theoretical maximum. Everywhere you see a tweet on CrowdEye, you will see a Twitter profile image with a star superimposed. The star contains a number that is that person’s CrowdEye Rank and will help you judge how much impact that person’s tweets have on other Twitter users. Curious what your CrowdEye Rank is, or what your friends CrowdEye Rank is – no problem, just go to People search on CrowdEye and type in your user name.
Search is fundamentally about relevance. Just providing a time-sorted list of tweets that match your search term is easy, but it’s not very useful when you have a large volume of tweets. At CrowdEye we consider a number of factors when deciding how to order tweets that match your query. The result is that you’ll see more tweets from more interesting sources – rather than just the tweets that were received in the last 30 milliseconds. You can choose to sort by time, but we are confident you won’t find it as useful as our new default relevance-based sort. In addition, weighing CrowdEye rank, search-term match and other factors is important when computing our tag clouds and popular links. Search without relevance is like pointing a fire hose right in your face – it sounds cool, but you won’t really enjoy it or find it useful.
Personalized Follow Suggestions for Twitter Users
Twitter is growing exponentially and is clearly an amazingly useful service. One of the most difficult problems we have heard from our users is how to make Twitter even more useful by finding interesting people to follow. That’s why we developed Personalized Follow Suggestions for Twitter users. Just click “Sign in With Twitter” on our People search page, and the right column will turn into a set of people on Twitter that our algorithms have picked specifically for you. We compute this list daily, so you may want to visit the page regularly. Or, if you’re just interested in following the crowd by following the very top-ranked people on Twitter, you can find that in a directory on our People search page.
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